Daniil Ryabko in Rome

We have the immense pleasure to host for the first time in Rome the master Daniil Ryabko who will present Systema in its highest expression and essence, he having grown, unique in the world, since he was very young to this noble art. He will cover the following topics: 

Self defense through awareness and effectiveness of the use of Breath and Stick workout

Through the movement and relaxation of the body we will improve health and promote the natural predisposition to healing
Increased strength and amplitude of joint movement
Learn how to manage stress, stamina, mobility and tightening of tendons
The seminar will be totally focused on practical and natural self-defense to be able to seemingly effortlessly solve unexpected and dangerous situations for us, both physically and emotionally.

DANIIL RYABKO in Rome 24th – 25th november 2018

Saturday, november 24th  10:00 – 17:00 Registration and training

Sunday, november 25th  9:00 – 15:00 It begins earlier to allow the participants  to leave to the airport or see the eternal city of Rome.

Early booking until October 31th 2018

120 € Full seminar

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Payment after November 8th 2018

145 € Full seminar

Languages Italian, English, and Russian

Seminar Check-in All participants signing up by email, must bring the proof of payment and their registration form on the first day to the seminar.

For information and registration


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